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How to resolve a Misconfigured Folder alert?
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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows and Mac (inSync Client devices)

  • Product edition: inSync On-premise versions 5.5 and later, inSync Cloud


The misconfigured folder alert can be viewed only on the inSync Management Console. On inSync Client, the misconfigured folder icon is displayed in gray. The alert is generated when inSync fails to find the folder configured for backup at its specified location on the user's device.

A folder can be configured for backup either by the inSync Administrator through the backup profile or by the inSync Client user from the client interface. If a folder configured for backup is deleted or moved from outside the inSync Client, it is displayed in gray on the inSync Client to indicate a missing folder.

Resolve the Misconfigured Folder alert

This alert can be resolved from the inSync Management Console and from the inSync Client.

Resolve the alert from the inSync Management Console

  • Perform one of the following steps if the folder is not present on any of the backup devices:

    • Remove the backup path that is causing the alert from the backup profile.

    • Create the folder manually or through a group policy

  • If the alert is generated for a subset of users who do not have the folder on their devices, create a separate profile for such users and exclude the folder path in the profile.

Resolve the alert from the inSync Client

Note that the inSync Client does not allow the user to remove the folder configured for backup by the inSync Administrator. On the inSync Client, a user can add and remove a folder only if it is permitted through the backup profile.

Perform one of the following steps to resolve the alert from the user's device:

  • Create or move the folder at the required location.

  • Remove the folder from the client by following the below steps:inSync Client user must perform the following steps:

    1. Open the inSync Client.

    2. Select the Backup & Restore tab

    3. Under Backup Content,click the name of the folder to be removed from backup.

    4. Click Remove from Backup.
      The folder is removed from backup and the alert gets resolved in the next backup cycle.

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