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inSync Client Upgrade FAQs
Updated over a week ago

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding how to upgrade the inSync Client.




If you cancel an upgrade cycle, all the devices that are still in the Scheduled state will not be upgraded, and their device status will change to Canceled. The count of these devices will be added back to the total count of Upgradable Devices. You need to then manually trigger an upgrade for these devices in the next upgrade cycle.

The devices that are still in the in the In-Progress state when the upgrade is canceled continue to upgrade even though their device status changes to Canceled. After a successful upgrade, their status will change to Successful. If the upgrade fails for these devices, their status will remain as Canceled.

If the inSync Client is unable to connect to the Cloud, the upgrade will fail even if the selected release version is downloaded successfully on the device.
inSync will attempt five times, or for 180 days whichever is earlier,to upgrade the device,failing which it will mark the device upgrade as Failed. Till then, the device will continue to be in the In-progress state.

If the Automatic Upgrade setting is enabled, all the previous manual or bulk upgrade processes will get canceled immediately, and all the devices marked for an upgrade will get upgraded automatically as soon as theautoupgradeprocess is triggered (i.e., at 10:00 am UTC).
If the Automatic Upgrade setting is disabled, all ongoing autoupgrade processes will be canceled immediately, and you can continue upgrading the devices using either the manual or bulk upgrade method.

Can I cancel an autoupgrade cycle?
Yes, you can cancel an autoupgrade cycle at any point. You need to disable the Automatic Upgrade settings from the Settings > Deployment page. When the Automatic Upgrade flag is disabled, all ongoing autoupgrade processes will be canceled immediately.

What will happen if the inSync Client fails to upgrade?

If the inSync Client fails to upgrade then it will roll back to the previously installed inSync Client version without affecting or losing the user’s login information. It also ensures that no user data is lost and backup operations are not disrupted. The status for inSync Client upgrade is reflected in the Upgrade Activity Report. For more information, see Upgrade Activity Report.

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