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About Monitoring your AWS Account
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With Druva CloudRanger, you can periodically assess and monitor your AWS accounts from one integrated console. With a comprehensive reporting functionality and tracking via Jobs and Audit Trail, managing your AWS workloads was never easier.

Use the top navigation bar to manage and monitor all AWS accounts within an organization.

Global Reports

Druva CloudRanger provides an end-to-end reporting functionality that allows you to generate and customize cross-account Reports on Backup Policies, Schedules, and Disaster Recovery Plans across AWS accounts.

The Reports subscription functionality allows users to generate and manage subscriptions to the following reports:

  • Resource Schedule

  • Resource Restore Status

  • Resource Protection Status

  • Resource Backup Status

  • Licensing

  • EC2 Credit Storage Consumption

  • DR Plan

  • AMI Deletion

For more information, see Reports.


Druva CloudRanger provides an integrated view of all scheduled and maintenance activities on the Jobs page. The Job Details page includes detailed information about the selected job, the progress, and associated logs. You can access Jobs scheduled or triggered within the following categories:

  • Backup

  • Retention

  • Restore

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Scheduling

For more information, see View Jobs.

Audit Trail

Audit Trail captures all activities performed by the administrators and users on the Druva CloudRanger console. This is a valuable feature for data governance and ensures that organizations can effectively meet compliance requirements, where needed.

Audit Trail offers the following benefits:

  • Ensure data governance and compliance

  • Monitor and control all user activity on Druva CloudRanger

  • Diagnose erroneous and critical activities performed by administrators

For more information, see View Audit Trail.

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