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Alert subscriptions for administrators
Updated over a week ago

By default, all the administrators are subscribed to alerts. Druva sends alert subscriptions to administrators and other configured non-administrators in an email to the registered email address.

You can update your alert subscription at any time. Druva sends alert notifications to subscribers as follows:

  • For all critical and warning alerts, the subscribers receive only one email at the time of alert generation.

  • For information alerts, Druva does not send an email notification to the subscribers.

To update alert subscriptions

  1. Log on to the Management Console.

  2. Select the required organization if the All Organizations menu is enabled.
    For more information, see Enable and disable organizations.

  3. Click the bell icon Alert bell icon on the menu bar.

  4. The Alerts page opens. Select the Subscriptions tab in the left pane. The Alert Subscriptions details are displayed in the right pane with My Subscriptions and Non-admin Subscriptions tab.


  5. Click the My Subscriptions tab. You can subscribe to an alert that you are not subscribed to, or unsubscribe from an alert you are subscribed to. For example,

    • Turn on the Not Subscribed toggle to enable an alert. When the status of the alert changes from Not Subscribed to Subscribed, a message Successfully subscribed to alert is displayed.

    • Turn off the Subscribed toggle to disable an alert. When the status of the alert changes from Subscribed to Not Subscribed, then a Confirmation dialog is displayed.


    If you click Yes, a message Successfully unsubscribed from alert is displayed.

    πŸ“ Note
    ​An alert email for the scheduled backup jobs is sent, if the last retry attempt fails.

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