Data backup workflow
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The following diagram illustrates how data flows during backup in a CloudCache deployment.

Data. backup workflow 1_2.gif

  • Step 1
    Hybrid Workloads agent backs up the server data according to the schedule defined in the backup policy. At the scheduled time, Druva Cloud initiates the backup request and forwards it to Hybrid Workloads agent.

    CloudCache maintains a persistent connection with Druva Cloud.

  • Step 2

    • Hybrid Workloads agent backs up the data to CloudCache.

    • Hybrid Workloads agent saves the metadata to the storage that Druva Cloud assigns for backup.

  • Step 3
    As per the predefined schedule, CloudCache synchronizes the backup data to the storage that Druva Cloud assigns.


    • CloudCache establishes an on-demand connection with cloud storage. After a synchronization is complete, the connection with Druva Cloud storage is terminated. For the next synchronization operation, CloudCache establishes a connection with the cloud storage that Druva Cloud assigns.

    • Administrators must configure the synchronization schedule and a bandwidth that CloudCache can consume. For more information, see Configure CloudCache.

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