Data restore workflow
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The following diagram illustrates how data flows within the Druva setup at the time of hot restore.

Data restore workflow .gif

  • Step 1
    Druva Cloud initiates the restore request and forwards it to the Hybrid Workloads agent.

  • Step2

    • Hybrid Workloads agent fetches the metadata from the storage in Druva Cloud.

    • Hybrid Workloads agent queries the CloudCache to restore the data.

πŸ“ Note
​If the connection to CloudCache is interrupted at the time of a backup, the Hybrid Workloads agent backs up data directly to the Druva Cloud. Since the deduplication data is available on the Druva Cloud, Hybrid Workloads agent requires a connection to Druva Cloud and CloudCache to restore data. Ensure that the Hybrid Workloads agent can connect to Druva Cloud and CloudCache.
During a CloudCache disconnection, if a few data blocks remain in CloudCache and are not fully transferred/flushed to the Cloud, any attempts to restore a warm snapshot will fail.

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