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Update synchronization schedule for a CloudCache
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You can update the synchronization schedule for a CloudCache. It is recommended to select the off-peak hours for sync schedules to minimize the end-user impact.


  1. Log in to the Management Console.

  2. Click Manage > CloudCache. Note that if the All Organizations menu is enabled, you have to first select an organization and then click Manage > CloudCache.

  3. In the Configured tab, click the CloudCache for which you want to update the synchronization schedule.

  4. In the left navigation pane, click Configuration.

  5. On the Configuration page, in the Upload Schedule section, click Edit.

  6. On the Edit Upload Schedule page, enter the appropriate values in the following details.

    • Days:The days on which you want the CloudCache to synchronize data to the cloud storage.

      πŸ“ Note
      ​ We recommend that you create a separate schedule for weekdays and weekends. This is because you can benefit from the wider off-peak windows on weekends, and thus set a longer duration for synchronization operations.

    • Start At (CloudCache Timezone):

      The time at which you want CloudCache to synchronize data to the cloud storage.

    • Upload Window(Hrs):

      The duration in hours within which you want backup operations to occur.

      πŸ“ Note
      ​ If the synchronization completes within this duration, CloudCache checks for data additions every 10 minutes. If new data is backed up during this period, CloudCache synchronizes this new data to the Druva Cloud. For example, if you set the start time to 9 AM and duration to 4 hours, and the synchronization completes before 1 PM, the CloudCache checks for new data every 10 minutes. CloudCache synchronizes this data to the cloud. CloudCache considers this synchronization operation as complete at 1 PM.

    • Max. Bandwidth (Mbps):

      The maximum bandwidth in Megabits per second that you want the CloudCache to consume at the time of synchronizing data to the cloud storage.

    • Backup to Cloud if unable to backup to Cache:The option to enable Druva to back up the data directly to the Druva Cloud if the Hybrid Workloads agent is unable to back up to the CloudCache because either the CloudCache server is not reachable or it has run out of disk space.

  7. (Optional) Click Add Schedule to add additional schedules.

  8. Click Save.

πŸ“ Note
​ To delete a schedule, click the grey cross icon next to the schedule.

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