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Agent logs and configuration details for Nutanix AHV
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This topic contains information about the agent configuration details and log files for your Nutanix AHV setup.

Agent log files

The agent log files contain details of backups that the backup proxy performs. After every backup, a new log file is created in the Phoenix.<job_id>.<epoch timestamp>.log format. If the backup proxy does not function as expected, you can share these log files with Support.

πŸ“ Note
​Druva retains logs for the last 128 agent activities on each server.

You can find logs of all instances of backup proxy associated with a Prism Central or Prism Element at /var/log/Phoenix.

πŸ“ Note
​The free space at this location should be at least 1% of your source data size.

Additional logs

In addition to a common log file, you can also find the following logs:

  • In a scenario where multiple instances of backup proxy are configured for a single instance of Prism Central or Prism Element, logs corresponding to each backup proxy are present in the backup proxy itself.

  • An operation-specific log that records backup and restore operations from a virtual machine is found at: /var/log/Phoenix/AHV/backup and /var/log/Phoenix/AHV/restore respectively.

  • Prism Central or Prism Element credentials and warnings are available as logs at: /etc/Phoenix/AHV.

Agent configuration details

The Phoenix.cfg file contains the configuration details that backup proxy requires to communicate with Druva Cloud.

πŸ“ Note
​We recommend that you do not modify Phoenix.cfg except when required. In scenarios where you must modify these configuration files, contact the Support team for assistance.

You can find the Phoenix.cfg file at: /etc/Phoenix/AHV.

Agent services

The phoenix service manages backups and restores on an instance of backup proxy. The phoenix service also ensures that the agent is running.

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