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Shared Data Sources Report
Updated over a week ago

The Shared Devices Report provides a consolidated view of the device data shared with users.

You can leverage this report to:

  • Get a summary of device data shared with users.

  • Get comprehensive data to monitor shared device data at the profile level.

Here is the preview

shared data source report.png

To access the report

  • You need to be a Druva Cloud Administrator.

  • Go to Druva Cloud Platform Console Global Navigation > Reports > Endpoints > Share Data Sources Report.


The following table lists all the fields in the Shared Devices Report.




Total Shared Devices - Total number of device data shared.

Shared Devices by Profile

No of Device - Total number of devices shared in respective profile.

Profiles - Name of profile the user is associated with.

Shared Devices

Device name - Name of user device shared with active users.

User name - Name of the preserved user whose device data is shared.

User Email id - Mail-id of the preserved user

Profiles Name- Name of profile the user is associated with.

Last Completed Backup - Data and time of the last backup performed for the device.

Backup Data - Total data backed up by preserved user for the shared device.

Shared with - Name of users with whom the device data is shared.

Shared On - The date and time on which the device data is shared.

Auto-DeleteOn - The date on which preserved user gets deleted automatically.


The following actions can be performed for Shared Data Source Report page.

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