Add Legal Hold WebDAV URL to Recommind Data Store
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Before you begin

To add the Legal Hold WebDAV URL to a Recommind Data Store, you must have the following:

  • The WebDAV URL

  • The email ID and the password that the inSync Legal Hold administrator uses to log on to the inSync Legal Administrator portal

  • You have monitoring rights on the Recommind AXCELERATE instance


To map WebDAV URL to the Recommind Data Store:

  1. Log on to Recommind AXCELERATE as an administrator.

  2. Under the Default Workspace, expand Data Sources and select the required data source. In this example, we are using Legal Hold.

  3. After you select the data source, click Actions > Configure. The configuration page for Legal Hold appears.

  4. Under Legal Hold, click Dataset definition. In the URI box, type or paste the inSync Legal Hold WebDAV URL.

  5. Expand Crawler Connections > Base Connectors > HTTP Settings and then select Web Authentication.

  6. In the Authentication page, enter the following information:

    • In the Username and Password box, type your inSync Legal or inSync Server Administrator credentials.

    • In the Host box,enter the host details only and not the entire WebDAV URL. For example, .

  7. Click OK. The Details page appears.

  8. Verify the details, and then click Save.

  9. Right click the data source and then click Start.

  10. (Optional) Enter alternative credentials on this screen or leave it blank to continue using the preconfigured credentials.

  11. Click Start to start executing the crawl from Recommind on the data collected from inSync.

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