Using Druva inSync with Recommind
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inSync can be used to preserve data backed up from devices of users who are on Legal Hold. inSync provides WebDAV access to the preserved data. Recommind can be used to parse through the preserved data and help data custodians to analyze and act on them. This guide describes how Recommind can be integrated with inSync to mine data under inSync’s Legal Hold.

This guide is intended for IT administrators who have experience with Recommind. They must be well versed as Recommind administrators and must know how to create Workspaces and Applications on Recommind.

This guide focuses on how to map the Legal Hold WebDAV access URL provided by inSync to a Recommind Data Store. It does not describe the procedure for installing or configuring Recommind. Nor does it describe the procedure for scheduling or running Applications on Recommind, or analyze the data mined using Recommind.

Integration workflow

The following table lists the workflow for integrating Recommind with inSync. For detailed instructions, see the subsequent sections.



Create a Legal Hold policy on inSync to place users on Legal Hold. Copy the WebDAV access URL for the data under Legal Hold.
Task performed by: inSync Legal Administrator

Create an Application on Recommind to mine the Legal Hold data.
Task performed by: Recommind Administrator

Create a Data Source for the Recommind Application created in step 2.
Task performed by: Recommind Administrator

Add the WebDAV access URL for the Legal Hold data to the Recommind Data Store created in step 3.

Task performed by: Recommind Administrator

Read the integration and post-integration notes for specific scenario-based instructions.

Task performed by: Recommind Administrator

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