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Create a Recommind Application
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Before you begin

To create a Recommind Application, you must be a Recommind CORE administrator. You must have created the requisite Workspace to create the Application.


For the purpose of this document, we have assumed the following:

  • You are creating an Application called Druva_Reco1 on the Default Workspace to access inSync’s legal hold data.

  • You are creating a Recommind Application for ECA & Collection.

  • You plan to use the system template and a single engine for the Application.

  • You plan to use the default values for various parameters of the Application.


To create an Application:

  1. Log on to Recommind AXCELERATE as an administrator.

  2. Under the Default Workspace, expand Applications.

  3. Click Actions > Create Application. The New Application Wizard appears.​

  4. Select Axcelerate ECA & Collection and then click Next. The Define Template Type page appears.

  5. Select System template for your application and then click Next. The Define Application Template page appears.

  6. Select Single engine and then click Next. The Application details page appears.​

  7. In the Display name box, type Druva_Reco1. Keep the default values in the remaining fields. Click Next.

  8. In the remaining pages of the wizard, continue with the default values.

  9. At the Summary page, verify the application details and then click Finish. The Recommind Application is created.

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