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Introducing Dru Assist - Your 24x7 AI support agent
Introducing Dru Assist - Your 24x7 AI support agent
Updated over a week ago

We are super thrilled to introduce Dru Assist, our new AI-driven customer support agent at your service!

Dru Assist is the latest pillar of our 'Dru' AI capabilities, focused specifically on enhancing customer support. Dru Assist utilizes AI capabilities, including advanced language models, to automatically and instantly address your queries with conversational responses sourced from Druva's knowledge base.

Check out this video a sneak peek into Dru Assist experience.

Key offerings of Dru Assist that you can leverage:

  • Quick responses: Get instant answers to your product configuration, administrations and troubleshooting inquiries.

  • Guided Troubleshooting: Hassle-free troubleshooting experience with AI-guided conversations.

  • Personalized Experience: Get tailored answers and recommendations for an enriched experience.

  • Seamless Support: Explore our comprehensive help center or connect to our incredible Support team instantly if needed.

Get started NOW!

Dru Assist is our latest step towards enriching your customer experience. So what's holding you back? Login to the Druva console now and experience the future of customer support with Dru Assist!

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