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Release notes

This article provides release notes for Druva's solution to protect Microsoft Entra ID data.

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July 04, 2024

Introducing Microsoft Entra ID backup with Druva

Druva now provides robust backup and restore capabilities for your Microsoft Entra ID data. Find Microsoft Entra ID under Data Protection, or under the All Services sub-menu.

You can now safeguard access to critical Microsoft cloud resources with confidence.

Key features

  • Vital organization data and access: Safeguard the organizational resources directory and application access to the Microsoft cloud

  • Autonomous protection: Protect users, groups, roles, devices, enterprise applications, and app registrations hosted in Microsoft Entra ID

  • Rapid response: Compare changes between snapshots, providing the ability to review changes and act on them quickly

  • Guaranteed recovery: Recover any changes including additions, deletions, or updates where needed

Get started

If you’re ready, take a look at the following docs to get started with our solution for Microsoft Entra ID:

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