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Welcome to Our New Help Center!
Welcome to Our New Help Center!

Discover our new Help Center: sleek design, improved search, and integrated Help Bot for quick, efficient support.

Updated over a week ago

Here’s introducing the Druva help center; a self-serve-first help experience that offers quick access to assistance whenever you need it.

The new help center functions as the primary repository for all information, delivering a significantly more personalized and contextual experience when accessed through the product console.

What’s Changed?

Product Help Navigation

The product-level tiles will direct you to a simpler help structure with fewer nested guides. Each workload begins with a quick start guide with detailed information available for ready reference when you need them.

Why has some product help changed?

We have redesigned the help experience to align with our objective of providing the most critical resources first. Once you have successfully onboarded and established your data protection strategy, you may continue to use the help resources for ready reference as you see fit.

Has any product help or features been removed?

No. Some help resources have been restructured or have been moved to a reference section, but all relevant articles on product features, configuration, and troubleshooting help have been retained.

Search Experience

Use our enhanced search functionality to your advantage! No more sifting through an endless archive of help articles. Access the relevant help article via Search, also available on the in-app Help bot, for quick resolution to your queries.

In-app Help Bot

Seamlessly integrated into the console interface, our updated Help bot ensures easy access to assistance across our platform and solutions whenever you need it. Find quick, relevant solutions or raise requests right from your help bot.

Support Portal Help Bot

The new help bot on the support portal is now your first stop for all self-serve assets. Search for information, access troubleshooting information, look for solutions, and access personalized assistance available on demand.


Looking for something specific?

Access your Help Bot for pinned quick reference guides to get started.

Or try the improved Search feature and gather quick insights or troubleshooting help.

What You Can Do Now

Update Your Bookmarks

Go ahead and search for the information you are looking for, and be sure to update your bookmarks.

Update Your Client Software

Ensure you're using the latest version of client software. Access client versions for Hybrid Workloads, or contact your system administrator for the inSync client.

Need More Help?

If you need further assistance or have any specific concerns, contact Support. You may also use the Messages tab within your Help Bot to raise a request, and we will contact you.

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