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Unusual Data Activity Alerts Report
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What information does this report provide

The Unusual Data Activity Alerts report provides a consolidated view of all the Unusual Data Activity alerts generated within a specified period for snapshots of different resource types configured for backup in your environment.

This report is available for the following resource types:

  • Endpoints

  • NAS

  • File Server

  • VMware

  • OneDrive

  • SharePoint

How does the report help

With this report, you can proactively identify data anomalies for each resource type's creation, modification, encryption, and deletion actions. With this information available well in time, you can get a consolidated view of the UDA alerts generated within a specific period for each resource type and take corrective actions.

You can leverage this report to:

  • Get a view of total, active, and resolved alerts for creation, modification, encryption, and deletion actions for each resource type

  • Get a detailed view of the resource name and the impacted snapshot for which the alerts are generated

To access the report

You need to be a Druva Cloud Administrator.

Go to Druva Cloud Platform Console Global Navigation > Reports > Cyber Resilience > Unusual Data Activity Alerts Report.

Using the report

๐Ÿ“ Note:

By default, the period selected for the report is 30 days from the current date. For example, if today is March 31, 2024, the report displays data from March 1 to March 30, 2024.

The data in the reports is synced periodically. The report shows the Data last updated details.

The Unusual Data Activity Alerts report comprises the following sections:

Filters to get a report with more granular data



Resource Type

Select the resource type whose UDA alerts you want to view.

Alert Type

Select the type of alert you want to view - Creation, Modification, Deletion, and Encryption.

Summary view



Total Alerts

Total number of UDA alerts (active and resolved) for the selected filter.

Active Alerts

Total number of active alerts for the selected filter.

Resolved Alerts

Total number of alerts resolved (Ignored or Downloaded logs) for the selected filter.

Alert Status Distribution

View the number of alerts based on the status of the selected filter.

Alert details

๐Ÿ“ Note:

The details are displayed based on the selection of resource type in the filter.



Resource Name

Name of the resource for which the alert is generated.

User Name (For Endpoints and OneDrive only)

Name of the user.

Snapshot Affected

Details of the impacted snapshot.

Alert Type

Type of alert - Creation, Modification, Deletion, and Encryption.

Related actions

To leverage the report, you can perform the following actions:



Subscribe to report

You can schedule and subscribe to receive reports over email as a CSV file or a PDF. A subscription can be created for other members of the organization, too.

๐Ÿ“ Note:

By default, the data fetched in the report's timestamp follows the logged-in adminโ€™s time zone.

Email the report

You can email the report in CSV or PDF format to other recipients on demand.

Download widget data

You can download the widget data in CSV, CSV Summary, Excel, or PDF format.

Download Unusual Data Activity Alerts details

You can download the alert details data in CSV, Excel, or PDF format.

Add Filters to get a report with more granular data

Global filter: You can create a global filter, page filter, or panel filter to fetch details based on your requirements.

Related actions

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