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How to reset the druva console password for other administrator
How to reset the druva console password for other administrator
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This article provides instructions on how a Druva Cloud Administrator can reset the account password for other administrators.

When a Druva Cloud administrator resets the password, Druva Phoenix sends an email to the administrator who has requested a password reset. This email contains a link to reset the password.

πŸ“ Note

  • Only a Druva Cloud Administrator can reset the password for other administrators.

  • The password reset link is valid only for 24 hours.

❗ Important

Druva recommends that you create at least two Druva Cloud Administrators within your organization. The second Druva Cloud Administrator is required to reset the password if the primary Druva Cloud Administrator forgets the password.

Resetting the password

Perform the following:

  1. On the Druva Management Console, click Settings > Administrators. The Manage Administrators page is displayed.

  2. Click the administrator for whom you want to reset the password.

  3. Click Reset Password.

    reset psw button.png
  4. Click Reset Password in the message window displayed. Druva Cloud sends an email with a link to reset the password to the administrator.

    confirm psw reset.png

❗ Important

The link to reset the password is valid for 24 hours only. If the password link expires before the password is reset, the administrator can resend the invitation email.

The following image illustrates the contents of a sample email sent to the administrator.

reset druva ac psw1.png

Next step

After receiving the password reset email, the user needs to click the password link and enter the new password in the Setup Password window, then click Submit to reset the password.

❗ Important

After you set your new password, ensure you keep the password secure and remember it. Druva does not have access to your data and cannot reset your account password if you forget it. Only the Druva Cloud Administrator can reset the password of other administrators in your organization.

Additional information

The following entries are generated in the Admin Audit Trails under All Activities when:

  • The Druva Cloud administrator initiates a reset password for another administrator.

  • The password for the administrator (who had requested the reset) is reset successfully.

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