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Sign in to Druva Management Console
Sign in to Druva Management Console

Describes the steps to sign in to Druva Management Console.

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Administrators must sign in to the Druva Management Console to get started with the data protection activities.

Before you begin

Before you sign in, keep the administrator account credentials handy. You receive the invitation email containing login credentials when the inSync Cloud administrator account is created. This email contains the administrator role assigned to your account and the account activation link.

πŸ“ Note

The account activation link is valid for 24 hours after you receive the invitation email.

After you set your new password, ensure you keep the password secure and remember it. Druva does not have access to your data and cannot reset your account password if you forget it. Only the Druva Cloud Administrator and inSync Cloud administrator can reset the password of other administrators in your organization.

Sign in to the Druva Management Console

To sign in to the Druva Management Console:

  1. Open a web browser and go to
    For inSync GovCloud, go to

  2. Enter the email ID for your administrator account and click Next.
    If you are using SSO for signing in, you have to enter your IdP username.

  3. ( Optional ) If you have licensed Druva Phoenix as well as inSync and if the accounts are not merged yet then, on the next page you get an option to select the product. As applicable, select either Phoenix or inSync and click Next.

    ❗ Important

    Druva recommends you merge your Druva Phoenix and inSync accounts. This offers you a unified experience from the Druva Cloud Platform Console. To merge your Druva Phoenix and inSync accounts, contact Support.

  4. In the Password field, type the password for your administrator account.

  5. Click Sign in. The Druva Cloud Platform dashboard is displayed. From here, you can access Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace dashboards.

πŸ“ Note

The End User License Agreement (EULA) is displayed to every Druva Cloud Administrator who attempts to log on to the inSync Management Console for the first time. Druva Cloud Administrator must read the agreement and click Accept to acknowledge and proceed further.

Access Microsoft 365 Console

To access Microsoft 365 from the Druva Cloud Platform dashboard:

  • From the Druva Cloud Platform dashboard, click Microsoft 365.



  • From the left navigation pane, click All Services > Microsoft 365.


    The Microsoft 365 Overview page is displayed. Go to the desired workload to proceed further.

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