How to collect the detailed job logs
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This article explains the procedure to collect detailed job logs for Hybrid Workload Job Details page.


  1. On the DCP landing please click 3 vertical lines on the top left and then select Hybrid Workloads.

  2. Go to All organizations and select the required organization from the dropdown.

  3. Once we select the Organization, then We can see Jobs for all workloads and we can select the desired workload from the below options.

    Once we click on the desired workload, it will show all the jobs for the given workload.

  4. Click on the required Job-id after selecting the desired workload then it will pop up a new window, where it shows Details and Logs.

  5. Now select the Logs option then click on Request Detail logs.

    Once we click on Request Detail logs, It will show a message as per the below screenshot, and then it will trigger a new job for Log Request.

  6. Click on the Refresh symbol to see the new Job Request on the Jobs page to monitor the Log Request Job.

  7. Once it shows successful status then click on the Log Request Job id which will open a pop-up window that contains an option as Download logs to download the logs.

    Once Logs are downloaded.

  8. If, the log file is below 4.5 MB then you can directly send us by attaching it to the email or uploading via support portal on the case.

  • Enter the case number in the Ticket Number field.

  • Click Choose File and add the compressed files to upload.

  • Click Upload.

  • Notify the support engineer about the logs uploaded through Portal by responding to the ongoing support ticket.

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