Error while restoring data on client
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This article applies to:

  • Product edition: inSync On-Premise


This article explains what actions are needed when your restore fails.

Restore errors and solutions

You may come across the following error messages when restoring your data:

  • Server Busy

  • Internal Error

  • Server not reachable

1. Server busy: This denotes that the inSync server is currently busy with backup/restore activity for other users. There are a limited number of connections that can be established with the server simultaneously.
โ€‹Solution: It would be ideal to wait for 30 โ€“ 60 minutes before trying again.

2. Internal Error: This means that there is currently some issue with reading your data from the server.

Solution :As a workaround, you can try to restore your data from another/older restore point. Contact your inSync administrator.

3. Server not reachable :It denotes that your inSync client application is not able to connect to the server due to a possible network issue.

Solution: Contact your inSync administrator.


You can also try below steps to restore your data:

  1. inSync Web: Launch the inSync Web Restore using the URL provided by your Administrator and log in with your e-mail address and inSync password. Thereafter, try to restore your data.

  2. Server Side Restore: Ask your inSync administrator to restore your data from the server Administration GUI and then provide it to you.

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