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How to restrict inSync backup over VPN
Updated over a week ago

This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

  • Product edition: inSync On-Premise


This article describes the procedure to prevent backups over VPN networks for inSync On-Premise deployments.

This procedure is helpful for inSync On-Premise deployments in which backups happen over internal network as inSync Server has only an internal access. Backups can be blocked for users who connect remotely to the network over a VPN.

A VPN software creates an adapter during installation which is used during a VPN connection. This adapter name usually contains the name string of the VPN software provider, such as Fortinet, Cisco, and so on. As this string is a part of the entire string which makes up the complete adapter name.

This procedure restricts inSync from performing backups over the VPN by adding this string under restricted networks.

Restrict On-Premise backups over VPN

  1. Log in to the inSync Management Console.

  2. Click Wheel > Settings.

  3. Open the Network tab and click Edit.

  4. Enter the VPN provider name against Restricted networks for backup/sync and click Save.

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