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How to perform integrated mass deployment (IMD) of inSync Client using PDQ Deploy
How to perform integrated mass deployment (IMD) of inSync Client using PDQ Deploy
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This article applies to inSync Cloud and On-Premises.


This section provides the information on performing integrated mass deployment (IMD) of the inSync Client using PDQ Deploy tool.

Before you begin

  1. Refer the AD/LDAP integration and mass deployment section from inSync documentation to understand the following:

    • Integrated mass deployment process for inSync Client

    • Generate the deployment token

    • Parameter settings

  2. Download the inSync Client msi (installer).


  1. Copy the inSync Client msi file to the PDQ Deploy server.

  2. Launch the PDQ Deploy tool.

  3. Click File > New Package. The New Package window is displayed.

  4. Enter the package name and specify the version on the Details tab. For example, add name as Druva-inSync-Client-5.9 and version as 5.9.6). Adding description is optional.

  5. Click the Options tab and set the Run As to Deploy User (program default) if you are using domain admin account or set Local System from the list.

  6. Click Steps > New Step > Install. This adds Step 1 to the package.

  7. Provide the following details in Step 1:

    • Install File: Provide the path of the inSync MSI file (a network shared location is preferred).

    • Select the Custom checkbox next to Command line.

    • Remove all the parameters next to inSyncxxx.msi and add the IMD parameters. For example, TOKENV2=’SAMPLE_IMD_TOKEN’ SERVERLIST="<Instance_port>"

  8. Click File > Save and close the Package window.

  9. Right-click the package and click Deploy Once.

  10. Click Choose Targets > Target list.

  11. Select a target from the list and click OK. It lists all the workstations under the Deploy Once window.

  12. Remove the workstations manually on which you do not want to deploy the inSync Client.

  13. Click Deploy Now. PDQ Deploy tool starts installing the inSync Client on the target devices and displays the deployment status on the tool.


    On a licensed PDQ tool, you can also schedule the deployments.

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