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Storage Compaction for inSync Cloud - FAQs
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When would storage compaction work for deleted devices?

Once the devices or users are deleted, they will be marked for deletion; however, data deletion in the backend will occur after 7 days from deletion.

How does the Storage compaction work?

Storage compaction is done daily and and on weekends however Major data deletion and storage differences can be seen over the weekend compaction

As an Admin, Can I trigger a Storage Compaction.

In the inSync cloud version, the storage compaction is an automated process & cannot be triggered manually

My storage utilization is still high after 7 days of user/deletion?

The compaction is an automatic process, only the unique set of data is deleted from the snapshots that fall off the retention scope, however, if you do not see any changes in 9 days and above, please contact Druva Support to check if the compaction is working as expected

What happens to the backed up data when the device is deleted from the Admin Console?

When the device is deleted from the inSync Admin Console, the link between the user and device is broken and unique data (snapshots) linked to the deleted device is marked fro compaction

What would be the User experience when the device will be deleted from the inSync Admin Console?

When you delete devices running inSync Client, users will observe inSync Client in a disabled state for the next 30 days. After 30 days, users will be automatically logged out of inSync Client.

Note: The configuration files on the deleted devices are also automatically deleted after 30 days.

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