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Persona Backup FAQs(5.5 onwards)
Updated over a week ago

What system settings does inSync back up?

To know the default system settings that inSync backs up, see Supported system settings.

What does inSync use to perform Persona Backup?

To perform a backup of system settings, inSync Client on Windows OS invokes the User State Migration Tool (USMT).

Can I use custom USMT XMLs?

Yes, you can. However, you must request assistance from the Druva Support team to do this.

What platforms does inSync support for system settings backup?

In the latest release, inSync supports Microsoft Windows 7 or later and Mac OS X 10.9 or later. For information on other releases, refer the respective release documentation.

Can I restore system settings from the inSync Admin Console?

An inSync Administrator cannot restore System or App settings. inSync Client users must be instructed to restore system settings to their respective laptops. See Restore system settings for more information.

Where can I look for system restore errors?

Logs generated from errors related to system restores are found in the genconfig.log file located under C:\inSync4 or C:\ProgramData\Druva\inSync4 folder. inSync also displays an error if the system settings restore does not complete.

How does inSync help me with operating system migration?

To know more about operating system migration using inSync, see OS migration using Persona Backup.

Can I track operating system migration across my organization?

inSync does not track operating system migrations across any organization. Third-party tools can be used to track such a migration.

Do I see an alert if an OS migration fails?

Currently, inSync does not generate alerts for migration failures. However, a feature request has been added and Druva is working on improving this behavior.

Is the OS license also migrated?

inSync does not migrate OS license. Instead, it helps to import System Settings before the migration. After the migration, inSync restores the imported settings. To restore the System and App settings. A licensed OS needs to be already installed and running on the new device.

Can I restore System and App settings after the device has been activated and the first backup has completed?

The System and App settings can be restored only at the time of activation when the inSync Client provides the option to restore them.

Is there a way to know the size of the System and App settings backed up?

Currently, inSync does not provide this functionality.

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