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Enable Persona Backup
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You can enable Persona Backup for a user by modifying the profile to which the user belongs. This impacts all users who belong to that profile. Alternatively, you can move the user to a profile for which you enabled System, App Settings backup.​

πŸ“ Note

  • inSync users cannot enable or disable Persona Backup.

  • If multiple users are using the same device, inSync backs up the settings only for those users who have System, App Settings backup enabled on their profile.

  • inSync backs up only those settings the users modified. inSync does not back up the default settings.

  • If you want to restore an email client for Windows, Druva recommends that you select the Outlook - 2016/13/10/07 – Optimized for performance option when you enable persona backup for the selected profile. The Outlook - 2016/13/10/07 – Optimized for performance option ensures that the inSync Client backs up all attached PST files. Druva also recommends that users activate the inSync Client on their new device while performing OS migration. For more information, see OS migration using Persona Backup.


πŸ“ Note

  • You can enable persona backup through profiles. You cannot do this on an individual user level.

  • If you have a proxy server in your environment, set the idle timeout value to 15 minutes or more. System App Settings backups may fail on proxy servers which have an idle timeout set for 10 minutes or less as the Client Server connection times out once it exceeds the time value threshold.

To enable Persona Backup

  1. On the Endpoints console, click Profiles.

  2. Select the profile for which you want to configure folders for backup.

  3. Go to the Edit option at the top right, and click the Endpoints tab from the dropdown. The Edit Profile window appears.

  4. Under the Laptops/Desktops,select the preferred operating system.

  5. Select the checkbox for System, App Settings from the folder options and click Save.

  6. Select the System, App Settings check box.

  7. Click Save.

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