Backup of users data securely over WAN/VPN
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This article describes how inSync makes backup of their data secure over WAN/VPN. It also provides links for further reading.

What is covered:

Security Guidelines that inSync uses for Remote Backup
Other inSync Knowledge Base Resources

Security guidelines that inSync uses for remote backup

The following features makes inSync secure and ready for deployment for your WAN and VPN users :

  1. 256-bit SSL network encryption

  2. 256-bit AES storage encryption

The client triggered architecture ensures that backup and restore requests are always initiated by the inSync clients. The inSync server (just like the e-mail and HTTP servers) never initiates an outbound request. This facilitates secure deployment in your DMZ, with just one-way inward (ANY to 6061) port forwarding in your firewall.

Other inSync Knowledge Base resources

For a better understanding on WAN/VPN based backups, refer to the following Knowledge Base article.

For network troubleshooting, especially over WAN, use of the Microsoft PortQuery tool is explained here:

For more information on secure communication please refer to the White Paper:

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