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About Druva CloudRanger
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Most businesses seek cloud platforms that offer lower costs and risk of error, along with the best possible data and application security. SaaS solutions provide customers with simplicity and flexibility, both in terms of deployment and pricing models.

An amalgamation of the two, CloudRanger simplifies and reduces costs associated with the complexity of data lifecycle management for AWS cloud workloads, all through a single control plane. Designed to help organizations maintain control over sprawling IaaS and PaaS data, CloudRanger’s agentless approach automates the day-to-day tasks of data management and provides continued visibility as workload data grows – all within your own AWS account.

Key features and benefits

CloudRanger offers the following key features:

  • Cloud backup and recovery

    • Global backup policies with custom GFS schedules

    • Instant recovery at the instance, volume, or file-level

    • Cross-region and cross-account backup copies

    • Separate frequency and retention for copies

    • Global backup policies across resources and accounts

    • Support for AWS cloud and AWS GovCloud

  • Disaster recovery

    • One-click disaster recovery

    • Create DR plans for Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS

    • Cross-region and cross-account DR plans

    • Clone environments with region-based mappings

    • Schedule automated DR plan tests

    • Validate RTO and RPO requirements

  • Metadata-based file search

    • Scan and index files in your snapshots

    • Granular recovery of specific files

    • Search file systems of snapshots

    • Find files in a specific time frame

  • Governance and compliance

    • Data never leaves your cloud

    • Automated compliance reporting

  • Administration

    • Apply backup policies at a global resource level

    • Multi-AWS account support

    • Role-based access control (IAM)

    • RESTful API integration

    • Single sign-on support

    • Slack, ServiceNow and Zapier integration

    • Customized reporting

How it works

CloudRanger specializes in automation for AWS resources. Our solution allows you to easily automate backups for Amazon EBS, EC2, RDS, DynamoDB tables, and Redshift resources. We also provide the functionality to schedule your non-production EC2 and RDS servers on/off to meet your business requirements and save significantly on your AWS costs.

First of all, you link your AWS account to CloudRanger via an IAM access role, then you set up your backup tasks for your Amazon EBS, EC2, RDS, DynamoDB Tables, and Redshift resources and then you add the specific schedules for when you want your tasks to execute.

Once your account access is configured, you can then choose specific creation and retention periods for when your backup policies will execute, thereby automating the process. These tasks are then automated on your chosen schedule.

Here’s a brief summary of some of our prominent features:

Automate Disaster Recovery testing

The traditional model of disaster recovery includes a high level of systems complexity, administration, testing, and cost to ensure continuity for business-critical applications. Druva’s enhanced disaster recovery enables organizations to replicate and clone a whole AWS account and associated environments across regions, create recovery plans in a cost-effective and efficient manner, and execute testing in just a few steps. This ensures minimal production environment impact and the ability to meet operational demands.

File search

Identifying a set of files across 100s of TBs of data is a daunting challenge that has become increasingly more important for retention, recovery, and compliance reasons. However, current methods that may have worked well on-premises have access and visibility limitations within the cloud. CloudRanger file search brings the unique ability to search across all your AWS accounts and snapshots, and understand where files exist within those backups as well as the specific regions. This is especially useful in the case of compliance and enforcing retention and data policies.

Data governance

Combining CloudRanger file search and legal hold capabilities, organizations are now able to automate and simplify the identification, collection, and preservation of targeted data across their cloud workloads—maintaining integrity and chain of custody throughout the legal process and minimizing the need for massive, costly data transfers. Organizations with specific compliance requirements, such as GDPR, can now search for particular files across thousands of snapshots simultaneously, saving vast amounts of time and then take appropriate actions.

Use cases

  • Cloud backup and recovery: 100% SaaS solution that leverages native AWS snapshot technology to utilize native APIs and micro services for scalability, efficiency, and flexibility.

  • Cloud disaster recovery: One-click disaster recovery function, which allows organizations to replicate and clone VPCs along with associated environments across AWS regions and accounts.

  • Data lifecycle management: Implement policy-based tiered retention settings to store snapshots, as part of Long Term Retention (LTR).

  • Governance and compliance: Granular search for snapshots at a metadata level to identify specific files and data for either recovery purposes or for other business reasons such as compliance, legal, etc.

  • Risk management and ransomware: For extra protection against disasters, copy your snapshots to another AWS region or AWS account.

  • Cost optimization: Optimize instance usage with resource scheduling options to Start/Stop EC2 and RDS instances.​​​​

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