Change storage assigned to a user
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When you create a user, you map the user to a storage. Data from user devices is backed up to this storage. You can choose to change the storage of a user at any time. After you change a user's storage:

  • User data is backed up to the new storage.

  • Snapshots on the old storage are retained and compacted following the retention policy.

  • Users can restore data from any snapshot, even those available on the old storage.

Restrictions on changing storage

The following restrictions apply when you are changing the storage of a user:

  • The user must not have inSync Share activated.

  • The user must not be placed on Legal Hold.

  • The destination storage must be mapped to the user's profile. It should not be in the same region as the present storage.

  • The user must have inSync Client 5.2 or later installed on all computers. For mobiles devices, inSync app 3.3 or later is required.

  • The user must not be mapped to the inSync CloudCache Server. If the user is mapped to the inSync CloudCache Server, you must first remove the user from the inSync CloudCache Server before you change the storage for that user.

  • You cannot move a user back to a storage that he was once mapped to.

Change the storage assigned to a user

To change the storage assigned to a user

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Users.

  2. Select the users whose storage you want to change.

  1. Click Options located at the top of the table, and then select Change Storage.

  1. In the Select Storage list, select the new storage for the users.

  2. Click Save.

❗ Important

After you change the storage assigned to a user, the first backup is a full backup. Thereafter, all backups are incremental in nature.

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