Is there a limit on snapshots?
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This article answers the question regarding limits on snapshots when using CloudRanger.

Limits on snapshots

We allow you to create unlimited snapshots on all of our plans, which are based on the number of managed servers and AWS accounts you are looking to manage with CloudRanger.

You can then set custom retention periods for your snapshots and AMIs from within your backup policies, where after a specific number of days, backups can be deleted automatically for you.

Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) limits


Default Limit

Number of EBS snapshots


Concurrent snapshots allowed for a single volume

5 for io1, gp2, magnetic; 1 for st1, sc1

Concurrent snapshot copy requests to a single destination region


Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) limits

Each AWS account has limits, per region, on the number of Amazon RDS resources that can be created. Once a limit for a resource has been reached, additional calls to create that resource will fail with an exception.


Default Limit

Manual snapshots


For more information on default limits for Amazon RDS, click here.

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