About Managing Organizations
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Druva CloudRanger brings to you the option to access multiple organizations and AWS accounts from within your console. You can select your Organization from the top navigation bar on your Druva CloudRanger console.

Click the Settings icon on the top navigation bar to configure and manage Org settings and billing information for the user currently logged in. Use Organization Settings to manage and administer the following across all AWS accounts within an organization:

  • Organization Details: Define and manage Organization Name, and view Principal Email and Trial Expiry information.

  • Members: Add or manage team members with the permitted levels of read, write, or admin access. For more information, see Manage Administrator Roles.

๐Ÿ“ Note
โ€‹If you are provisioned with a Druva Cloud Platform account, you can create and manage administrator roles for Native Workloads from the DCP console. For more information, see Enterprise Workloads Administrators.

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