Getting Started with Backup Policies
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Druva CloudRanger offers a simplified, global approach to backup policies, with options to define one or more policies that can be applied across multiple AWS accounts and instances.

A Backup Policy defines the backup schedule and the tiered retention settings for snapshots. The Backup Policies defined can be executed across AWS accounts at the organization level, and set to Active or disabled, depending on business requirements.


Global Backup Policies offer some key advantages:

  • Configure and manage policies across multiple AWS accounts at a global level, for visibility and management.

  • An integrated approach to setting up Policies, with options to include or exclude specific instances using criteria such as Instance IDs, Tags, VPCs and Subnets, Regions, as well as AWS Accounts.

  • Create and manage backup policies for all supported AWS resources, that is, Amazon EBS, EC2, DynamoDB, Redshift, and RDS (including Amazon Neptune, DocumentDB, and Aurora instances).

  • Tiered retention settings (GFS or Grandfather-Father-Son retention policy) that can be customized based on business preferences, while also realizing significant cost savings.

To access Backup Policies, on the top navigation bar click Policies.

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