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Manage storage rules for Azure virtual machines
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This topic provides information on creating and managing Storage rules.

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​Storage Rules help create a mapping between an Azure Region and your chosen Druva Cloud Storage. Once you identify the Azure VMs to be protected within a specific Azure Region, the Storage Rule directs the data backups to the appropriate Storage Region provisioned for that subscription. In other words, use storage rules to direct specific backups to the appropriate storage.

πŸ“ Note
​ You will need to configure storage rules to get started with protecting your Azure virtual machines. Any backup configuration will be executed only when a corresponding Storage Rule is available.

Precedence criteria

A unique storage mapping takes precedence over mappings set at a broader level, as illustrated by the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Two storage rules are defined, one with All regions (default) mapped to Druva-Cloud-Storage-1, and a more specific rule, for example, Ireland (EU) mapped to Druva-Cloud-Storage-2.

  • Azure VMs within Ireland (EU) region therefore will be mapped to Druva-Cloud-Storage-2 since a specific storage rule exists for resources in that Azure Region.

  • Azure VMs in other regions, for example east-us will be backed up to Druva-Cloud-Storage-1. In this case, the default mapping will apply, in the absence of a more specific rule.

Scenario 2: Any new unique mappings will only apply to new VMs configured for backup. VMs that have already been backed-up based on an existing rule will continue to move based on the original rule.

πŸ“ Notes

  • Once a storage rule has been defined, the VMs within that region are permanently assigned to that Druva Storage. VMs within that Azure Region will continue to be backed up to the Storage assigned.

  • Any changes to an existing rule will only apply to resources configured for backup thereafter.

  • You can define multiple storage rules. Ensure that you adhere to your organizational compliance and governance policies. when assigning a storage rule.

Create storage rules

To define storage rules:

  1. Log into the management console.

  2. Navigate to the Storage Rules listing page.
    The list of rules defined for your Azure account is displayed.

  3. Click Manage Rules.

    Storage rules.png


  4. On the Manage Storage Rules page, click Add to create a new storage rule.

    • Select the Azure Region and Map to the appropriate Druva Storage. This directs all backups of VMs in the selected Region to the Storage assigned here.

    • You may also choose to edit the mapping for an existing rule.
      However, you cannot edit the storage mapping for the All regions (default) rule.

  5. Click Save.

πŸ“ Note
​ Any changes to an existing rule will only apply to resources configured for backup thereafter.

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