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Introduction to data protection for Azure virtual machines
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​About Druva's solution to protect Azure virtual machines

Druva's agentless Azure backup solution offers robust ransomware protection by seamlessly backing up your Azure VMs to the secure Cloud. It guarantees the security of your data within an air-gapped environment, effectively shielding it from unauthorized access and tampering but also allows for seamless restores to the same, or different region within your Azure environment. Notably, our solution is engineered for reduced storage costs in comparison to Azure Backup redundancy options.

Druva's Azure data protection solution ensures a smooth and secure onboarding process for your Azure subscriptions. Azure Workloads leverages a cloud-native architecture, offering end-to-end protection for Azure VMs and managed disks, thereby ensuring the integrity of your data with management in AWS.

📝 Note
Druva's solution does not support the protection of Azure unmanaged disks. Microsoft recommends that you migrate your existing Azure unmanaged disks before the functionality is retired. For more information, refer to the Microsoft documentation.


Druva's Azure data protection offering brings the following key advantages:

  • Protect data from potential ransomware attacks with automated backup of enterprise data on Druva’s cloud storage.

  • No egress costs for backing up from Azure to the Druva Cloud.

  • Optimize storage costs by eliminating Zone-Redundant Storage (ZRS) with significant reduction as compared with Azure Native storage costs.

  • Reduce complexity with a seamless and secure onboarding of new Azure subscriptions and discovery of Azure VMs.

  • Agentless: A true cloud-native platform with end-to-end protection and no installation or agent dependencies.

  • Cross-Cloud Redundancy with an AWS-managed storage ensuring that critical data remains protected in the event of a security breach.

  • Create and configure a custom backup plan based on your enterprise cloud strategy.

  • Minimize the risks of compromised Azure credentials and ensure data integrity with data managed in AWS.

  • Ease of restore across regions or subscriptions: Recover Azure VMs and their associated disk storage back to your Azure subscription within a specific region.

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To get started with your Azure data protection, see the Quick reference guide.

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