Resolve alerts for CloudCache
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This topic contains information about the type of alerts that you can expect to see in a Druva setup with the CloudCache. This topic also provides the resolutions of the CloudCache alerts.

CloudCache alerts

After you configure the CloudCache for your setup, Druva sends alerts to your Druva email. Use this table to determine the types of alerts and the possible resolution.




CloudCache decommission started alert

(For cloud administrators only)

You or another administrator initiated a decommission operation.

Alert is automatically resolved after 7 days.

CloudCachedecommission completed alert

(For cloud administrators only)

The decommission operation is completed.

Alert is automatically resolved after 7 days.

Cache Storage Space Low

(For cloud and group administrators)

πŸ“ Note
​ The exact data volume consumption at the time of alert generation is mentioned in the email.

Your current data volume consumption exceeds 80% of the total volume size.

Add more data volumes.

For more information, see Add data volumes.

Your current data volume is full.

Add more data volumes.

For more information,see Add data volumes.

CloudCache is not reachable for server

(For cloud and groupadministrators)

Hybrid Workloads agents installed on your servers cannot connect to the CloudCache.

Ensure that the Hybrid Workloads agents can connect to the CloudCache.

For more information, see CloudCache FAQs.

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