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❗ Important

  • Hybrid Workloads agent for SAP HANA must be installed on the SAP HANA server.

  • If you want to back up an SAP HANA multiple-host system, install the agent on all the nodes.

The setup involves the following steps:

The following video walkthrough covers all these steps:

Before you begin

Before you begin the setup of Hybrid Workloads agent in your infrastructure, ensure the following:

πŸ“ Note
​ You must install Linux Access Control Lists (ACLs) before installing the Hybrid Workloads agent for SAP HANA. See Prerequisites to learn more.

Step 1: Download Hybrid Workloads agent for SAP HANA

  1. Log in to the Management Console

  2. Click Protect > SAP HANA. If the All Organizations menu is enabled, select an organization and click Protect > SAP HANA.

  3. You will see the following page if this is the first node you register. Click the Register SAP HANA Node button to navigate to the Register SAP HANA Node page.


    You will see the following page if you already have at least one system registered. Click the Register Node button in the top-right corner to navigate the Register SAP HANA Node page.



  4. On the Register SAP HANA Node page, click Download. Alternatively, you can go to the Downloads page and download the installer for SAP HANA.

  5. Copy the installer to the SAP HANA server you want to activate.

Step 2: Generate an activation token

You need an activation token to activate the Hybrid Workloads agent for SAP HANA.

  1. You will see a Default Activation Token under the Activate Agent section on the Register SAP HANA Node page.

    This token is valid for seven days and can activate 25 servers.

    If this token has expired, click Generate New Token. Enter the following details in the Generate Token dialog box and click Generate.

    • Token Label: A short description of the activation token.

    • This token can activate: The number of servers the activation token can activate. The default value is 25 servers.

    • The token expires in: The number of days after the activation token expires. The default value is 7 days.

  2. From the Register SAP HANA node page, you can either copy only the activation token or the entire activation command, including the activation token.

    1. Copy the generated token in the Generate Token window by clicking the Copy Token icon.

    2. To use a pre-existing activation token, click the drop-down under the Activation Token field to use a pre-existing activation token.

  3. Use the activation token to activate the Hybrid Workloads agent for SAP HANA.

Step 3: Install Hybrid Workloads agent for SAP HANA

You must install and activate all the system nodes of a multiple-host SAP HANA system for a successful backup. Follow the steps on all the system nodes:

  1. Copy the installer to all the SAP HANA System nodes you want to activate.

  2. Open the terminal and navigate to the installer's directory.

  3. Run the following command as a super user:

    rpm -ivh <package name>.rpm
    Here, <package name> represents the installer's file name (along with the extension).
    Example: rpm –ivh EnterpriseWorkloads-SAP-HANA-7.0.0-270116-x86_64.rpm

  4. After installation, you can run the following command to verify that the EnterpriseWorkloads service is active and running:

systemctl status Druva-EnterpriseWorkloads.service

πŸ“ Note
​ We do not support using a package manager, such as yum, to install the Hybrid Workloads agent. Use only the rpm utility for installation.

Step 4: Activate Hybrid Workloads agent for SAP HANA

For activating Hybrid Workloads agent for SAP HANA, you will need the activation token. If you do not have it already, see Step 2: Generate an activation token.

The activation command is similar to the following:

EnterpriseWorkloadsAgent sap-hana activate -t <activation token>

Run this command as a superuser. You will see a confirmation message indicating that the Hybrid Workloads agent is activated.

Configure a multiple-host system

If configuring a multiple-host SAP HANA system, repeat the above steps for all the system nodes.

Next steps

When you activate any SAP HANA System node, the Hybrid Workloads agent runs a shallow discovery to discover all the Systems and their associated nodes intelligently. The System name and associated nodes are on the SAP HANA Systems page.

However, you can trigger the discover database operation on the Management Console to fetch details of the discovered databases. For more information, see Discover databases.

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