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Prerequisites for backup proxy deployment
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Before you begin, ensure that you have reviewed the Support Matrix.

Prerequisites for deploying Backup proxy

  • The IP address / Network being provided to the Druva Backup Proxy must be able to communicate to Druva Cloud ( on port 443.

  • Druva does not support Prism Element or Prism Central passwords that contain the character @ (at sign). If the password for a Prism on which a Backup proxy is deployed contains "@", change the password to remove this sign before you register and configure the Backup proxy.

  • The Backup proxy must be deployed to a datastore that has a minimum of 110 GB free space.

  • You must have the Web Proxy credentials (If you use a Web proxy in your environment)

  • You must have the IP settings details. Ensure you have dynamic IP support to use the DHCP option. For static IP details, you need to provide the following:

    • DNS

    • IP Address

    • Netmask

    • Gateway

    β€‹πŸ“ Note
    ​You can add two static IPs and one dynamic IP.

  • It is mandatory to assign the iSCSI Data Services IP address in the Prism Element. For more information, see Configure Data Services IP.

Prerequisites for Druva Proxy Deployer

  • The Druva Proxy Deployer is supported in the following operating system:

    • macOS 10.15 or later (Catalina),

    • Windows 10 and later

  • The local system must have a minimum of 5 GB space on the download location.

  • Ensure that the English language pack is installed on the hosts with a certified operating system that is localized to a language other than English. If the English language pack is not installed, Druva is unable to assign a static IP. To add the English language pack on Windows, see Available Language Packs for Windows.

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