User Provisioning Report
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The User Provisioning report provides information about the users provisioned in Endpoints.

The following screenshot depicts a sample User Provisioning Report.





Users Summary

Total Users - The total number of users provisioned in Endpoints.

Endpoints Active Users - The number of users whose device is activated.

Endpoints Preserved Users -The number of users whose device is activated but user status is preserved.

Profiles Distribution Chart - The number of users provisioned per profile.

Users by Managed Type - The number of users provisioned based on the deployment method.


  • User Name - Displays the user name of the Endpoints user provisioned using the IdP.

  • User Email - Displays the email address of the user.

  • Profile - Displays the name of the profile the user is associated with in Endpoints.

  • User Status - Displays the user status in Endpoints.

  • Custom Attribute Name - Name of the attribute in the AD server. For more information, see AD Settings page.

  • Custom Attribute Value - The value of the attribute in the AD server.

๐Ÿ“ Note
โ€‹ The value in the Custom Attribute Name and Value fields will be visible only when you have enabled User-Identifier Custom Attribute in the AD/LDAP settings as well as opted to display the User-Identifier Custom Attribute on the Users page.

  • Endpoints License - Displays the Endpoints license status. For example, active, preserved or -, wherein - represents the unlicensed state.

  • Backup Data (MB) - The amount of data backed up by the user.

  • Created On - Displays the user account creation date in Endpoints.

  • Managed By - Displays the name of IdP which is managing the user in Endpoints.


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