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Update SSO SAML Certificate
Updated over a week ago

As a part of SSO configuration, if you are using CSP (Druva) SSL certificate; such certificates have an expiry of a year and you need to update them accordingly. You can update these certificates 30 days before expiry.

You will receive an email notification and messages in the Druva Console to notify you about the certificate expiry. You need to download the certificate and update it in the IdP.

โ— Important

If you do not update these certificates, administrator logins to the Druva Console will be blocked. In such a situation, the DCP administrator must log in using failsafe and then update the certificates.

To update the SSO SAML certificate

  1. Login to the Druva console as a DCP administrator.

  2. In the left navigation pane, click Druva Cloud Settings. The Access Settings page is displayed.

  3. Edit the Single Sign-On settings.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip

A message is displayed to update the certificate.

  1. From the Edit Single Sign-on dialog box, download the SSO SAML certificate and upload it to the IdP. For more information, see Update IdP details .

    1. If you have already configured SSO, you will see the existing certificate and the new certificate suffixed with the New identifier.

    2. If you are configuring the SSO for the first time, only the latest certificate is available for download.

  2. Re-login to the Druva console.

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