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Backup Configuration FAQs

Quick answers related to backing up selective users and profiles.

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Following are some of the most frequently asked questions for backup configuration.

How can I back up selective users?

Choose the Quick Configure option and manually configure the backup by assigning storage and profile to the users to be backed up.

What are profiles used for?

Using profiles, you define backup settings and apply them to a set of users. This helps you to simplify your backup configuration and ensure that all users in a group are backed up according to the same settings.

Tip: For your first backup, you can use the default profile. Later, you can create a new one or edit the default profile.

What settings are configured in a profile?

You can configure the following settings in a profile:

  • Backup content: Select the users, data sources, and applications you want to backup.

  • Backup schedule: Define how often the backup should run.

  • Retention policy: Define how long the backup data should be retained.

  • Encryption: Configure encryption for the backup data.

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