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This topic contains a list of frequently asked questions for Federated Search.

Which are the data sources (endpoints and cloud apps) that you can search?

For endpoints, you can search Mac OS, Windows OS, and Linux OS. For cloud apps, you can search Box, Google Workspace (Google Drive and Gmail) and Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online and ####{###########{{onedrive}}). For information, see the Supported Platforms matrix.

I can't see the Search option?

inSync Search is currently under controlled availability. If your organization wants to use inSync Search, kindly contact support.

Can inSync Client users search emails from the Search option in the Data Sources tab of inSync Web and perform restore actions?

Yes, inSync Client users can search emails from Gmail and Exchange Online from the Search option present in the Data Sources tab of inSync Web and restore the desired email to their mailbox.

Does the Search option in the Client restore interface support search using metadata attributes?

Search of files using metadata attributes is not yet supported from the inSync Client restore window. This capability will be added in a future release.

Is there a limit to the number of search operators permitted in one line?

We can use a maximum of 12 supported search operators in a single search query.

Example: At the end of each week, the sales team in your company creates a report on the sales performance for that week. At the end of each month, they consolidate all these weekly reports and create a monthly report. The report usually has the following naming convention: Report for month ending <month name>-<year name>. In the month of December, they consolidate all the reports from January to November and create the annual report. If you want to find all the monthly reports, from January to November for the year 2016 using a single search query, the following query might be useful:

2016 AND (January OR February OR March OR April OR May OR June OR July OR August OR September OR October OR November)

After how much time can I search the backed up data?

You should be able to search your backed up data after an hour of backup completion. ​

Is there any limitation on the number of times a user can search?

There is no limitation on the number of times a user can perform search.

Will I face any performance issues when inSync indexes the backed up data?

No, you will not face any performance issues. The indexing activity happens in the background and it does not impact any process in inSync.

Will all my files be indexed when this feature is available?

Yes, you will be able to search all latest version of the files that were backed up even before this feature was available.

Which languages are supported for search?

You can search in English, French, German, and Japanese. Chinese is not yet supported.

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