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Integration and post-integration notes
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This section lists specific scenario-based integration and post-integration notes.

Use Recommind to mine Outlook emails on Mac

If you want to useRecommindAxcelerate to mine Outlook emails onMac:

  1. Add the inSync Legal Hold WebDAV URL directly into Recommind as an HTTPS crawl.

  2. Exclude Mac Outlook files (*.olk files). Recommind ingests all remaining files and generates a report listing mailboxes that are excluded or not ingested.

  3. On a Mac, mount WebDAV and access the mailboxes listed in the report from step 2, and then convert them into OLM files using Outlook on Mac.
    Recommind ingests these OLM files.

For more information on using Recommind to mine Outlook emails on Mac, see section 15 in the Recommind Axcelerate Administrator's guide.

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