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Using Druva inSync with AccessData
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Using inSync, you can collect data for users who are on Legal Hold and access their data by using WebDAV. You can then use the AccessData ResolutionOne platform to crawl through the collected data and help legal or compliance teams to proceed with the analysis, processing, and review phases of eDiscovery.

This guide describes how you can integrate AccessData with inSync to mine data that is put on Legal Hold within inSync. This guide is intended for IT administrators who have experience with AccessData. These administrators must know how to use various AccessData features, such as data sources, projects, and jobs. For more information on AccessData-related features and tasks, see theAccessData ResolutionOne Administrator's Guide.

Integration workflow

The following table lists the workflow for integrating inSync with AccessData. For detailed instructions, see the subsequent sections.



Create Legal Hold using inSync
Task performed by: inSync Legal Administrator

Create a Data Source in AccessData
Task performed by: AccessData Administrator

Create a Project in AccessData
Task performed by: AccessData ​Administrator​

Create a Job in AccessData
Task performed by: AccessData Administrator​

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