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Monitoring Backup Dashboards
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The Data Backup page from the Salesforce App displays a dashboard, which gives an overview and information about the daily backups. It also provides summary details related to backup.

Perform the following steps to view dashboards and summaries for a specific project and backup definition.

  1. On the Salesforce App console, click Data Backup.

  2. Select a project from the Project dropdown list.

  3. Select a backup definition from the Backup Definition dropdown list.


The following summary information for your backups is available on the Data Backup page of the Salesforce App.




Backup Definition

Salesforce Environment Name

Specifies the Salesforce organization name.


Specifies the connection, which is Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) in this case.

Last Modified By

Specifies the user name who recently modified the backup definition.

Last Modified Date

Specifies the date when the backup definition was modified.


The following sections are a breakdown of each chart from the dashboard.

Backup History Overview

This chart displays the daily changes within your Salesforce organization. You can see the count for created, updated, and deleted records for the day.

📝 Note

A deleted record means the record is deleted from both Salesforce Organization's Recycle Bin and Salesforce User’s Recycle Bin.


Backup Duration

This chart displays the time taken to perform the backup each day.


Data Being Protected

This chart displays the percentage of protected data within the organization. This should be as close to 100% as possible.

You can click the download button icon at the top right to download a CSV file, which displays the status of each object. The file contains additional details for the object backup failures.

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