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Environment Hub

The Environment Hub allows you to manage all of your existing Salesforce organizations in one place. You can manage your source and destination environments from here and also view all the data before you decide what to protect.

For more information, see Configuring Environment Hub.

Data Template

You can specify the data for sandbox seeding and restore while applying any data transformations in a data template. In a data template for a given project, you select the source and destination along with the data and related settings.

For more information, see Data Templates.

Backup Definition

All your backup configurations, such as schedule, etc., are configured in backup definitions. Backup jobs are run based on settings made in a backup definition.

For more information, see Configure Backup Definition.

Data Mask

Data masking is the process of replacing sensitive information with fully functional data when data is copied from a production environment to a non-production environment.

For more information, see Data Masking.

Sandbox Seeding or Data Copy

For development and testing, you can seed sandboxes by easily copying data from production to non-production organizations. You can:

  • Create individual and private sandboxes for each team member.

  • Populate a partial sandbox with accurate related data for better testing results.

  • Have dedicated sandboxes for development and support for faster resolutions without the chance of accidentally deploying unfinished code.

For more information, see Copy Data.

Data Archiver

Data archiving, also known as data-tiering, is moving data from one storage to another. Salesforce Data Archiver movies data from Salesforce active storage to Druva Cloud. You can archive data to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reduce the cost of storing stale data.

  • Optimize performance by moving data away from Salesforce active storage.

  • Adhere to compliance and regulations applicable to your organization.

  • Allow recovery of archived data if needed.

For more information, see Salesforce Data Archiver.

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