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Troubleshoot OneDrive issues
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License editions: To understand the applicable license editions, see Plans & Pricing.This topic provides information about how to troubleshoot Druva inSync for OneDrive issues.

Microsoft 365 app: General issues

To know about the general Microsoft 365 issues, see Troubleshooting Microsoft 365 issues.

OneDrive issues

Issue: Insufficient permissions to backup web files

After you start the backup of OneDrive data, you might encounter a backup failed error for OneDrive. In the Last Backup Status report, it displays the following error details:

Internal Error!! Please see logs for details.

This is an excerpt from the logs for this error:

Error <type 'exceptions.Exception'>:Could not download file. resourceid 01QIIFEDEHMKO3JE4HTJGY6424GT5QYRXO, path -, name -, user, error Error getting response. Server response - Unauthorized Access. Response Code:401 Text:{"error":{"code":"-2147024891, System.UnauthorizedAccessException","message":"Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource."}}.


inSync displays this error due to insufficient permissions while accessing the following file types: .

aspx, .master, .xap, .swf, .jar, .asmx, .ascx, .xsf, 




Exclude the above mentioned file types from getting backed up so that inSync does not try to back up these file types. To exclude the files types:

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Profiles.

  2. Click the profile that is configured with cloud apps.

  3. Under the SaaS Apps tab, click Edit. The Edit Profile window appears.

  4. Under Microsoft 365 tab, in the Exclude Files box, enter the following: *.aspx;*.master;*.xap;*.swf;*.jar;*.asmx;*.ascx;*.xsf;*.

  5. Click Save.

Issue: OneDrive failing for users

OneDrive backups failing for users after 10 days of account configuration. When backups fail, the administrator receives an email with the subject "Cloud App status alert" with the following message:

Microsoft 365 is not connected. Please re-configure Microsoft 365.


While creating an account for global administrators on Microsoft 365, the StsRefreshTokensValidFrom attribute was not set by the APIs of the third party SSO tool.


  1. Install Azure module using the link:

    1. Download the Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant for IT Professionals RTW from the Microsoft Download Center and then install it.

    2. Download the Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell (64-bit version) installer package and then click Run to run it.

  2. Connect to Azure AD:
    Run the

    cmdlet connect-msolservice

    command on the Windows PowerShell command prompt. You will then be prompted for your credentials. Enter your Azure AD (Global admin) credentials.

  3. Get StsRefreshTokensValidFrom attribute value of the global admin using the following command:

    $user = Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName 


    Ernie Carter

    is the global admin who is configuring the Microsoft 365 app

  4. The following command will set current time as the value of StsRefreshTokensValidFrom attribute for the global admin. Steps to set this value:

    $dt = Get-Date
        Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName  -StsRefreshTokensValidFrom 
  5. Run step 3 again. This time you should see the current time (set in step 4). This is a verification step.

  6. Re-configure inSync with Microsoft 365 using the steps mentioned in the Reconfigure Microsoft 365 topic.

Issue: OneDrive backup failing for users

OneDrive backups fail for users, but Exchange Online gets backed up successfully. When the backup for OneDrive fails, the Status Details column on the Microsoft 365 > OneDrive page displays the following error message:



inSync cannot connect to OneDrive when the Domain joined device conditional access is enabled to the Microsoft 365 global administrator even if the affected user exists in inSync.


  1. From the Azure AD portal, disable the Domain joined device conditional access to the global administrator’s account. For more information, refer to Microsoft 365 documentation.

  2. Reconfigure your Microsoft 365 after disabling the conditional access. To reconfigure your Microsoft 365 see Reconfigure Microsoft 365 topic.

Issue: OneDrive backup failing for Windows 10 Fall users

To resolve this issue, see inSync fails to back up OneDrive folder.

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