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Storage Consumption Report
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This report provides valuable insights into how your organization is utilizing storage within Google Workspace. It empowers you to make informed decisions about storage allocation and identify areas for potential optimization.

The following screenshot depicts a sample




Quick Filters

Workload: Select the desired workload from the drop-down menu.


Total Storage Consumed (GB): Shows the total Storage consumed by enabled and disabled workloads

Storage Consumed by Enabled Workloads (GB): shows the total storage used by active Google Workspace workloads, like Gmail and Google Drive

Storage Consumed by Disabled Workloads (GB): Shows the storage occupied by workloads that are currently turned off for your users

Storage Consumption

Displays a visual representation of storage consumption by Enabled and Disabled workloads.

Storage Consumption Details

Workload: Name of the workload

Resource Count: Number of users/devices mapped with the workload

Total Backup Data (GB): Total data backed up for enabled workloads


  • Manage Subscription

  • Manage Subscription

  • Email Report

  • Add filter

  • Rearrange columns

  • Apply Quick Filters

  • Download widget-level data

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