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How to use old Nutanix backup proxy to perform FLR
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Nutanix AHV FLR throws error “Backup Proxy does not support FLR. “

<If you have upgraded the Nutanix backup proxy from an older version than “6.3.0::r227659” you will receive an error while performing FLR restore as “ Backup Proxy does not support FLR. Deploy a new backup proxy or contact support ”.

There are two solutions for this:
1. Deploy a new proxy with the latest version available on the Druva download page.
2. Run the script on the existing Nutanix Backup proxy with the steps mentioned below.

Procedure title

To perform FLR on the upgraded Nuanix backup proxy to “6.3.0::r227659” or above version have to execute “” script on the Nutanix proxy.
The script is available at “ /opt/Druva/Phoenix/bin/ “


  • Log on to the proxy

  • Run below commands

  • Try to perform the FLR restore

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