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How to enable the Disabled PBS
Updated over a week ago


If the PBS is disabled, we do not have any option to enable it, this article will help the customer to enable the PBS

Procedure title

  1. Login to disabled PBS server.

  2. Now, login to Druva Phoenix Console.

  3. Go to Protect—->Oracle—>Phoenix Backup Store

  4. Click on the PBS that is disabled.

  5. Now click on below Highlighted Re-Register option

  6. Copy the Token from below location.

  7. Login to the PBS through Putty with root user, Use the below Syntax to re-configure the Disable PBS.
    PhoenixBackupStoreControl activate <Token> -d <ServerNameFromCPortalUI>

  8. Once done, wait for 5 minutes.

  9. Stop the Phoenix client service
    service PhoenixBackupStore stop

  10. Start the Phoenix Client service.
    service PhoenixBackupStore start

  11. Verify the PBS configuration status on UI, that should be configured as shown below.

Note:Any existing zfs snapshot MAY get lost from any/all mounts..

Please don’t miss out subsequent steps even if you see the PBS in configured state on UI after step#1

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