Oracle PBS| How to change default restore location
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Default location for Oracle PBS restore is /mnt/restores

Procedure title

Follow these steps to change the location:

  1. Login to PBS server using putty or any other ssh tool

  2. Stop Phoenix service with the following command:

    systemctl stop PhoenixBackupStore
  3. Edit the file - "/etc/Phoenix/ORACLE/Phoenix.cfg" with vi command

    vi /etc/Phoenix/ORACLE/Phoenix.cfg
        Find the line that contains the ORACLE_RESTORES_BASE_PATH  keyword then edit the file by pressing i
        change the value from /mnt/restores to any other mount folder
        Press the Esc key and type :wq to save the file.
  4. Start the PBS service with command:

    systemctl start PhoenixBackupStore
  5. Now whenever the restore is performed from the Druva console, it will download the files under the new mount folder.

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