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How to deploy Phoenix AWS Proxy using CloudFormation Template
How to deploy Phoenix AWS Proxy using CloudFormation Template
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This article applies to:

  • Product edition: Phoenix


This article helps Phoenix Cloud Administrators to automate the deployment process of Phoenix AWS Proxy. It includes deploying the EC2 insrance, creating the IAM role/policy, and activating the Phoenix AWS Proxy.

Procedure title

Prerequisite: Stack location link provided by Druva Support.

  1. Login to the AWS account.

  2. Select the region where you want tdeploy the Phoenix AWS Proxy.

  3. Select CloudFormation from the services menu.

  4. Click Create Stack and select the URL option to enter the link provided by Druva Support and click Next.

  5. Select the Deployment Type as required using one of the below templates:

    • InfraAndProxyDeployment: Use this template to deploy Proxy instance(s) and create the required IAM policies and roles for this AWS account,

    • ProxyDeployment: Use this template to deploy only the Proxy instance(s) and reuse IAM policies and roles created during previous deployments.

  6. Update the below details on the CloudFormation Stack and click Next.

    • Stack name

    • Deployment Type

    • PhoenixActivationToken

    • InstanceCount (Minimum is 1 and Maximum is 5)

    • VPC

    • Subnet

    • Instance Type (Druva recommends C4.2xLarge for Phoenix AWS Proxy)

    • KeyPair

    • AutoAssignPublicIP (Druva recommends this setting to be true as PhoenixAWSProxy needs to connect to Phoenix Cloud.)

  7. Retain the default values of Advance Settings and click Next.

  8. Review the details again and acknowledge AWS conditions.

  9. Click Create to create the CloudFormation stack to deploy the Phoenix AWS Proxy. You can check progress of this stack under the stack list.



  • Check if the EC2 instance is deployed. Naming convention of the AWS Proxy would be – “DruvaProxyInstance1_<stack name>-ProxyDeploymentStack-< --UUID-->

  • Check if the AWS Phoenix appears in the Phoenix Console as the final step is to activate the AWS Proxy.

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